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Singh govt. has totally failed in maintaining law and order in karachi.

Human Rights Commission South Asia has alleged that Sindh government has totally failed in maintaining law and order in Karachi, as a result of which hundreds of people were killed in target killing. Sohail Akhtar, Representative of Human Right Commission said that it seems that there is no sign of existence of government in Sindh.

Despite tall claims, target killing was at its peak and resultantly, innocent people were being killed in Karachi and nobody dared to apprehend the killers. Who are the killers and who is backing the culprits, Akhter questioned. Suggesting some measures, he said arm licenses issued in past 25 years should be cancelled and illegal arms should be recovered.

The workers of religious and political parties should also be disarmed for ensuring law and order and stopping target killing in Karachi. Concluding, the representative said protection of people and arresting those involved in target killing was the responsibility of Sindh government.