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High Court moved against KESC


Syed Iqbal Kazmi has moved an application against KESC saying it is responsible for the death of 18 women and children in stampede during the distribution of free flour on Monday in Kohri Garden area.

The representative of Pakistan for Human Rights Commission South Asia (HRCSA) has moved the application in Sindh High Court to include his application with his pending petition No D886/07. 
He submitted that the incident occurred due to failure of power supply, hot weather and suffocation caused the death of the women and children. 

He pointed out according to “Electric Act” the concern department could not stop supplying electricity without informing the consumers, but the department violated the rule which resulted in the said incident. 
The petitioner had filed the constitution petition No D886/07against the loadshedding and privatisation of KESC by submitting that KESC had been provided subsidies of Rs one billion by the government after its privatisation, but now the company wanted to get such subsidies again.

He further claimed that the KESC management wanted to create law and order situation in the metropolitan by provoking the people to create turmoil.

The petitioner made respondent to the Federal Secretary of Water and Power, KESC, Chairman of Wapda and National Electric Power Regularity Authority (Nepra).