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 HRCSA concerned about rising targeted killing incidents.


Chairman Human Rights Commission South Asia (HRCSA) John Erickson has expressed deep concerns over the growing target killing incidents in Karachi, saying Sindh government has failed in protecting the lives of innocent people and maintaining law and order.

In a press statement issued Sunday, he said hundreds of innocent people have become victims of target killing in Karachi. It seems that the government is incompetent or is not willing to take any step to curbing target killing, he added.

Despite tall claims, innocent people are being killed in broad daylight and killers are free from the clutches of law. He questioned as to whom are the killers and who is patronising them.

Referring to HRCSA reports, Erickson said during past six months, as many as 576 persons have been killed in target killing in Karachi. Sectarian, political tension and killing of political opponents are main reasons behind the incidents.

The report added that Karachi city, with population of 1.80 crore (over 10 million), has been crippled due to lawlessness. Chairman HRCSA said political parties are playing tug of war just to capture Karachi for ensuring their hold on the city. He stressed that in order to maintain law and order and eliminate target killing, workers of political parties should be unarmed. It is the responsibility of the government to provide protection to the masses and apprehend persons involved in target killing, he concluded.