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Shameful Military Action


It’s extremely shameful to see the military operation in Malakand, so helplessly, where innocent men, women and children are killed inhumanly and millions are displaced from their homes. Our puppy and puppet civil and military leadership is doing nothing except promoting Zionist agenda to pave the way for the Indo-American control of the region, under the cover of "War on Terror." Our leadership has proved over and again that they have nothing to do with the interest and integrity of Pakistan, but to please their foreign masters by tearing apart the socio-polotical and econo-religious fabric of the society for their heavy rewards, like Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq.


They are not foolish to ignore the riches of the Muslim world. As the 76% of the world oil sits in the Middle Eastern belt and all the major trade routes pass through the Muslim states. In our region, specially, Pakistan, Iran and Central Asian states are highly rich of natural resources. Our leadership is not only ignoring our riches and resources but also bargaining our geo-political positioning for the sake of their own foreign rewards. For that our civil leadership in general but military in particular is responsible for the pre-planned econo-political decline of Pakistan. For that they are turning the friends into enemies by inhuman killing in FATA, PATA/NWFP and Baluchistan, as paving the way for Indo-American control in Pakistan. 


We didn't conquer FATA, Swat or Balochistan. Rather they affiliated to Pakistan just for the sake of Islamic brotherhood, on the assurance of Quaid-e-Azam that the forces wouldn't go into these areas. And when they asked for their due rights as for royalties in Baluchistan and Sharia in FATA, Malakand and NWFP, instead of honouring the commitment, our forces statred barbaric operations against them. India is the worst enemy of Kashmiris, but they never used their forces in such a barbaric way, as we are doing to kill our own Muslim Pakistanis in these areas. 


It's on record that our security forces always dealt with the Pakistanis in a brutal and barbaric manner, right from East Pakistan. Where Bengalis were deprived of their due econo-political rights and when they raised voice, they were not only crushed but also cornered too grave to seek Indian support. They were branded as "Ghaddar" and crushed in a barbaric manner. It's natural to join hands when your enemy is common. But our leadership doesn't understand such a little psycho warfare tactic. And then the world witnessed a humiliated surrender by our Army. Who was the winner?  


Similar military operations were conducted against Sindhis, Urdu speakings and Balochis. And finally, the worst American puppy, Gen Musharraf started brutal operations against the Pushtoon, under the cover of War on Terror, on the dictation of his American masters. These all ethnic communities are branded as "Ghaddar."  Is there any sensible patriotic person, who can tell me as to who is Ghaddar, in our situation?


All Pakistani ethnic communities, like, Pushtoon, Baloch, Sindhis, Urdu, Punjabis and Kashmiris were united to create Pakistan, for nothing but for Islam and social justice. If any of them ask for their constututional rights and in return you deal with them like Halakoo Khan, you may capture their body but not their soul. Now we are cornering and pushing them to wall to shake hands with our enemies, for which nobody else but we remain solely responsible. India has already massed it's 150,000 troops in Afghanistan, doing military exercises on our Eastern border and fully exploting RAW network in Pakistan to weaken us by all means in collaboration of US, where the Indo-American interest is matching the best. 


Our 1400 Km Pak-Afghan border, where we had no expense to keep it safe, a few years ago. Now it's the biggest risk for our integrity, security, peace and prosperity in the country. It's the most vulnerable frontier where America wants their permanent strategic military establishment, with the encroachment of Northern areas to Afghan border, in partnership with India. This is not only to control Pakistan but poses a serious threat to China and Russia. And what we are doing is that we are killing our own Muslim brothers in the region, who for us, not only fought against Russia, secured our border but also kept India busy in Kashmir. Now India has nothing to do except bossing Pakistan, where America wants to colonise Pakistan through India by neutralizing our neculear assets and treat us like Nepal and Bhutan. Just imagine, what will be the status of our puppy and puppet civil and military leadership in Pakistan without any nuclear threat to India????


I don't want to talk about Asif Ali Ghaddari, who publicly declared the Kashmiris and Pushtoon as terrorist but India as his friend. What can you expect from such a world known criminal. But Gen Kiyani should realize the gravity of the geo-political situation and learn from history. As India claims that they exhibited 70,000 trousers in 1971 and the figure will be much higher this time. It's better to die with honour instead of living as captive. 


Nobody else but traitors and black sheep in our society are responsible for our disgrace and decline. I can assure you, the moment we realize that we have to fight for Pakistan, all Pakistanis are brothers and we can save and serve our country without any begging or dictation, the risk for our integrity and sovereignty, I swear to Allah that these conspiring Americans and Indians will flush out like dirty water in drains. 


May Allah give us the strength to wakeup and sacrifice our personal & political affiliations, ego and benefits over the interest of the state and it's people. Amin!


By Shakil Ahmad President University of W Sydney-ERP Union Journalist Intl Press Australia.


(The views expressed in this colum do not necessarily reflect the views of the HRCSA.)