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HRCSA was resolved to be 'an independent, voluntary, nonprofit organisation which shall neither be associated nor affiliated with the government or any political party. We stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice. We investigate and expose human rights violations and hold abusers accountable we challenge governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human right law. Read More.....









  This war is not about human rights.
Petition filed against Pakistani Senator Farhat Ullah Baber.   Death sentence for change of faith.
SHC moved for allocation of funds for Aids Program.   Human rights violations in the name of Islam.
Families of missing baloch stage protest.   Three years on, security eludes Afghanistan.
Court moved against hike in power tariff.   Un Afghan report.
Petition seeks MPAs' disqualification.   Afghanistan torture and political repression in heart.
Reforms in FCR await president's approval, court told.   Another Abu Ghraib.
SHC take notice of diverting HIV Aids fund to IDPs.   Burning of corpses.
Judicial commission challenged in SHC.   Human Rights and Islam.
HRCSA concerned about rising targeted killing incidents.   Killing may harm us image.
Karachi Target Killing.
SHC orders Nepra to Determine FAC for KESC tariff
Govt. has totally failed in maintaining law and order in karachi.
HRCSA condemns attacks on Ahmadis.  Police officers attacked opposition leaders.
Musharraf, Altaf and others again served notices.  Refusal to entertain a murder case.
Court moved against F.C.R.  Extra-judicial killing.
Intelligence agencies injecting drugs to extract information.  Can us claim moral high ground on human right abuses.
Sind High Court moved for judicial inquiry into Ashura blast, arson.  Abominable exploitation.
Commandant Mohmand Rifles summond inmissing person's case.  Let rab inquiry be meaning full.
HRCSA filed a petition under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution.  Of newsmen and death.
Notices issued over detention of octogenarian under FCR.  Speaking of human rights.
High Court moved against KESC.  The issue of Rab and human rights.
SHC Suspends 13 Jail Officials.  We better avoid ruse.
Karachi Crime Gangs Protected By Politicians.  Working hours in garments sectors.
Sindh High Court Notices to AG on Petition.
Prostitution in Pakistan
Shameful military action.  Refugees barred entry into india.
Humans-unequal rights.  Refugee problem: need for more world pressure on Bhutan.
Munir Mengal was physicaiiy and psychologically tortured.  Internationalization the only alternative.
A requiem for reshma.  Unhcr's decision and bhutanease refugees.
A killing that reverberates far beyond Pakistan.  
Living with corruption.
Democracy and constitution.
Recovering the disappeard.   Over 300 new Shotguns pellet victims admitted at SMHS in 11 days
Human right a victim of global politics.   The monster in the mirror.
Abolish death penalty now.   Kashmiri tragedy.
Society that doesn't care for its children   Human right violation.
Child labor in Pakistan.   No end to a shameful practice.
The woman ended up being scarred for life.   Rape and torture in Kashmir.
Case of disappearance.   Trafficking of women and children.
Human trafficking   Justice blinded.
Removing landmines   A popular culture of human rights.
Un healthy state of prisons   Black spots on zari borders.
Criminals in uniform.   Immunisation and human rights.
Child  detainees  being tortured in Pakistan.   Who are the guilty.
13-year old student illegal arrest.   No noose bad news.
Millons donated by pakistanis overseas untraceable.  
Stop police harassment.
Earthquake survival tips.
Blame politics not Islam.   Abuses that remain whether the war continues or ceases.
Police & rangers brutally handling civilians in Karachi.   Murder Most Foul.
Woman in Pakistani Kashmir has accused three soldiers of raping her.   A balancing act in Srilanka.
Living with stress.   Corporal punishment and school children.
Need for a better strategy.   Hats off to magistrate.
Stop violence against woman.   Possibility of speedier justice.
Banning corporal punishment.  
Competent body on disappearances needed.  
Touture and democracy in nepal.  
Trafficking in persons.  
Human rights and human wrong in Nepal.  
Core of democracy.  
Face of humanity.  
Nepal crisis.  
Security forces in Nepal