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Karachi operation should continue till all the criminals are brought to justice.

Human Rights Commission South Asia



John Ericson chairman of Human Right Commission South Asia has issued a statement after a discussion with EU central committee members regarding the situation in Pakistan especially in Karachi. In regard to the operation by Rangers @ 90 ( MQM Headquarter ) where they arrested many convicts involve in murders, extortion and what they are known as target killers. The general observation is that the general crimes associated with these criminals have subsided considerably since the operation. He said it is not true to point that this action is taken against a particular political party or its affiliates.


He reminded that at first MQM stated that the rangers bring the arms hidden under blankets; later (after 2 days) they stated that they have license/permits for all those armaments. Many of them strictly illegal for general public to have and maintain.

Answering one of the question regarding the stolen shipment of armaments from Karachi port “that the US embassy statement they are not missing any of their shipments” he mentioned that there were several countries involve in Afghanistan war along with USA and UK and it was the responsibility of each country to provide the shipment of armaments to their respective armies, several of these countries shipments were stolen from Karachi port. Many of those heavy armaments were recovered in the ranger’s operation form ( MQM Headquarter ) 90.