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 Karachi Target Killing

Muttahida Qaumi Movement” yield undue pressure and get freed their (21) dubious Workers.

Rangers raided on Lines Area’s Two Units to arrest them London Leadership threatened the Federation sternly before investigation and get freed the Workers.


Muttahida Qaumi Movement  was built undue Pressure on Federal Official and got freed their (21) Workers, who were arrested on suspicion of Target Killings in Karachi from Lines Area. Raids have been undertaken by Rangers on Muttidah’s Units. The Leadership of “Muttahida Qaumi Movement ” based at London have threatened the Central Leadership of Pakistan People Party categorically on arrest of Muttidah’s Workers, leading to which Federal Interior Ministry interfered the matter for releasing the Workers.


The freed Workers had even not undergone into joint interrogation. In accordance with source, the important revelations were expected under purview of  joint investigation team Before this incident, the Rangers have already arrested Muttidah’s Workers/Terrorists indulged in the Target Killing. These Terrorists had disclosed most important state of affairs in J.I.T. As per detail and an utmost source disclosing the secret that after incidents of continuity of Target Killing, the raids of Rangers and Police Force were made on dated 23 Jun 2010 at night to different Areas following to an Order of Government Higher Officials. By arranging raids about two Dozens persons were taken into Police Custody/watch. Rangers and Police Force had arrested (21) individuals on same day raid on M.Q.M. Lines Area Sector and its extremely active Units bearing Nos.196 & 197. Source further said that among the arrested persons by the Rangers, the important responsible persons of Line Area Sector were included i.e. Hamid known as Scientist, Taqi Mamun, JunaidMamun etc.


 Source said that as soon as information with regard to Raids and arrests of Workers of Two Units of Line Area was reached to Leadership at London, Co-ordination Committee and three Ministers of “Muttidah” were admonished by them (London Leadership) issuing orders to get arrested Workers freed at once. Source further said that London Leadership had instructed to their Ministers for communicating a Message to Government for releasing “Muttidah’s Workers”. In case the Workers were not freed, the Muttidah will take drastic steps including opposing disapproval over Provincial and Federal Budgets. Source added that when the London Message was delivered by the Muttidah Ministers to responsible Government Officials, the arrested Workers had been released than and there without conducting interrogation.


 Source further added that if proper interrogation is made from arrested persons of Muttidah, the Rangers could have been reached at clue of Target Killing at least relevant information. Moreover, further interrogation with reference to 12 May Carnage from these Workers could have been worked out. Unfortunately no interrogation whatsoever was dig out from Workers. Source added that when the Rangers sought the assistance of Police Force for raids on Line Area Units, the Police showed hesitation to help for the task. However, the Police Force reluctantly agreed upon for raid by an Order of Higher Official.


Brigade Police Station source explained that after Raids on Muttidah’s Units by Rangers, the developing Pressure of “Muttidah” on Police Force was increased. Source further said that when undue Pressure on Government Officials regarding release of Workers was enhanced excessively, the Rangers had contacted Police Force for handing over arrested persons to Brigade Police Station but they had refused to take in workers under custody. Afterwards no way left for Rangers Force to retain accused persons under their custody. Secondly Rangers having no authority to get registered the cases against Workers. In this context, “Human Rights Commission South Asia” had contacted with In charge of Brigade Police Station an Inspector Mr. Nasir-ul-Hasan who had told that when the Rangers raided on Muttidah Units, the Police Force were accompanied them whereas Brigade Police had not arrested a single person/worker nor any worker was released by them. Brigade Police further said that Rangers had taken Muttidah’s Workers into their custody. Police had merely accompanied Rangers Force as per orders of Higher Officials. ( Inspector Mr. Nasir-ul-Hasan and his armed guard were gunned down in an ambush in Lines Area on Thursday 2010-07-01 night )Workers of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement have been booked in the murder case of a police officer and his armed guard who were ambushed in a Lines Area locality on Thursday evening.


 Apparently, a few months ago, the Rangers had arrested important Workers of M.Q.M Korangi Sector Terrorists i.e. Tahir Toopchi andNasir Commando indulged into Target Killing. These Terrorists had also admitted their involvement in Target Killing activities. In the context of this News “Human Rights Commission South Asia” had tried to get into contact with Correspondent of Rangers Force time and again but they did not attend telephone calls.


The report added that Karachi city, with population of 1.80 crore (over 10 million), has been crippled due to lawlessness. Chairman HRCSA said political parties are playing tug of war just to capture Karachi for ensuring their hold on the city. He stressed that in order to maintain law and order and eliminate target killing, workers of political parties should be unarmed. It is the responsibility of the government to provide protection to the masses and apprehend persons involved in target killing, he concluded.